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People Farm is a God-sim game for the PC where you are an advanced alien that is in charge of a human conservation program. The people move about on all fours like animals, and you have genetically engineered animal-people that act as advisers.

FYI: this is a pre-alpha demo (not complete game) that was to be taken and shown at GDC 2020.


This game is currently unavailable


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There doesn't seem to be a download or any way to play the game.

Did you get a key from buying the GDC Relief Bundle?

Hello,  got the GDC bundle a month ago, how do I play it?

Can't seem to download it, thanks !!

To be honest, have no idea. Never bought a bundle through itch.io before. I'm assuming that you got a key that you then redeem in order to get access to the download.

Perhaps contacting the bundle organizers for assistance or asking itch.io support..?

Sorry, can't be more help than that.

I love your game! Here is my playthrough! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/580119310


Thanks! Underestimated how funny it would be to watch someone play the game. Note to self: add genitalia...

Your game interests me a lot, but it is not yet available?

There are a bunch of games that seem to currently be exclusive to the GDC Relief Bundle.  It's featured on the front page right now.

No this is just a pre-alpha demo. Was taking it to the GDC, since it was cancelled, decided to add it to the bundle instead.

Ok thank you,I will try to keep myself informed of the news for this game ^^